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OBAPS Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the IT Companies in Tumkur we are among the top Software Companies in Tumkur. We provide you services like Website Designing, Website Development, Android Development and many more. If you are looking for any services like Website Designing in Tumkur, Android Development in Tumkur then don’t forget to check us out.

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Delivering Experience Since 2015

Our Mission

The Prestigeous part of our company is our culture what we follow. Creativity, Innovation and Culture are the Keys to our Company. Our Mission is to Discover the Lost things Which is Called as "The Real Thing". We aimed to provide best website development service in Tumkur, Best software development service in Tumkur as well as it provides all kinds of IT solutions.



Passion is the gateway to the world of the enthusiastic. We're dedicated enthusiasts, confident our passion propels us towards glory.

Packed with Wonders

Packed with Wonders

Each step embodies excellence. A freeing atmosphere fosters diverse discussions, fueling innovation. Evolving from static to dynamic, our consistency prevails.



Value creative process over results. Embrace learning, welcome next steps without overthinking. Cherish the journey, let outcomes unfold naturally.



Presently startups, we pave our distinct path through innovation. Rooted in Indian culture, we evolve creatively, aiming to globally inspire.

What we do other than Development?

We Do Workshops to Educate the World with our Creativity. The True Passion comes from Learning Interesting Things. We are here to Teach some Interesting Things to get Things going. Hopefully the crazy thing is, It Actually Works!!
Helper Hand
This World is not only there for tech savys. This is an Open Source world Where there is no secret kept for a long time. We want every human to learn what this computer world is about. We Help anyone to know anything about this Digital World. All this Feature is for Free of cost. Contact us for More Info.
We are not only the Tech Geeks, We are Humans and we have other talents too. We Publish our own papers in Many Conferences about Business, Culture and Technology. Human Resources has been our main Talking Point.